Sunday 22 November 2009


"Young Greens travelled far and wide to attend the Young Greens Convention in Cambridge. The two day event, which ran on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October, was a chance for young members to discuss party policy and share their opinions on the future direction of the party.
Enthusiastic Young Greens assembled at a community centre for an 11.00am start. After introductions the group began to work through a thoroughly packed agenda.
The group undertook a discussion on the topic of Green Jobs. The discussion was led by Tom Bailey from London. The talk was both interesting and informative; members of the party listened keenly before debating ‘what is a green job?’, discussing the concept of a ‘green economy’ and the Green New Deal.
The presentation on Green Jobs was followed by another talk. Green Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge, Tony Juniper, addressed the challenges ahead for both himself and the party.
Before lunch, a street action was held in the City Centre. The action, 'Green Jobs we're ready', was part of the 350 Day of Action on Climate Change.
After the action, the group headed back to the community centre for a well-deserved rest.
The Saturday afternoon was spent discussing education and child development. The discussion, led by Seb Power of the Cardiff Young Greens, was in-depth, absorbing and insightful. Young Greens shared their views on how education should work in a Green Britain and, as would be expected, the topic proved to be conducive to great debate. As a result of such debate, the group were late for their dinner and had only tackled two out of four prepared sub-topics.
After a fantastic meal in one of Cambridge’s fine establishments, members socialised well into the night, discussing all manner of topics. One could be forgiven for thinking that Sunday would be blighted by tiredness, and possibly the odd hangover, after a very long Saturday.
After an impromptu football game, Sunday morning began much as the Saturday had finished. The two remaining education topics were discussed; once again the members’ contributions were interesting and varied.
Later in the morning, a talk was given by the Howard League for Penal Reform. A student member gave a fantastic presentation, particularly considering the short notice at which she spoke, on the subject of juveniles in the prison system. Party members listened intently, and after the talk they were quick to show their gratitude to the group’s representative for what was a thought provoking session. After discussing the talk, the group took a lunch break.
The afternoon session began with a presentation by Green councillors Alex Phillips, Brighton and Hove, and Marcus Hemsley, Norwich. The councillors shared their experiences of running for office; both were keen to share both the highs and lows of the campaign trail, and painted a vivid picture of their respective experiences. After their talk, members asked questions and discussed the realisation of Green policies in the councils.
The final act in a very productive weekend was the hustings for YG Committee positions। The committee roles to be filled were: Female Co-Chair, Male Co-Chair, Elections and Campaigns Coordinator, Treasurer, International liaison Coordinator, Media Officer, Publications Coordinator, Students Support Officer, Fundraising and Events Coordinator and Web Coordinator. The convention was able to fill the roles to the satisfaction of all members before the end of the session. Details of the portfolio holders and their contact details will be forthcoming in the near future."

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