Thursday 12 January 2017


I am off to visit a passivhaus first thing tomorrow.  Looking forward to see Danny and Nikki and my 2nd cousins there, and having a weekend away from my current abode which has solid walls.

Monday 9 January 2017

The Big Lebowski: Film review (and spoiler)

Last night I saw the Big Lebowski, a holywood black comedy about a dude.
Needless to say, until very recently, films did not generally pass the Bechdel Test for killjoy feminism kindly introduced to me by my political friend Amelia Womack.  I have yet to find very many films that do.  Most of the characters in the film are men.  However on revolutionary story lines it comes out with top marks.  There is a non happy ending: the money doesn't turn up, he possibly gets someone pregnant, and his best mate dies of a heart attack.

Being a comedy, I guess that drags me and my friend back to the dark days of sexism in comedy.

The banana milkshake was excellent and we only opened up as much popcorn snacks as we could consume.

When I was a kid I thought black comedy might be like Fresh Prince of Bel-air. It's actually like a tragedy, where we laugh at people's misfortunes and clumsiness.  The butt of the jokes here were the bad foreign accents: german and scouse.

This must have been really fun for some people to film.  I particularly enjoyed the tumbleweed, which has become an internet meme without actually existing in much of the world.

Turnout was effected by the tube strike which goes on today as well.

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