Thursday, 12 January 2017


I am off to visit a passivhaus first thing tomorrow.  Looking forward to see Danny and Nikki and my 2nd cousins there, and having a weekend away from my current abode which has solid walls.

Monday, 9 January 2017

The Big Lebowski: Film review (and spoiler)

Last night I saw the Big Lebowski, a holywood black comedy about a dude.
Needless to say, until very recently, films did not generally pass the Bechdel Test for killjoy feminism kindly introduced to me by my political friend Amelia Womack.  I have yet to find very many films that do.  Most of the characters in the film are men.  However on revolutionary story lines it comes out with top marks.  There is a non happy ending: the money doesn't turn up, he possibly gets someone pregnant, and his best mate dies of a heart attack.

Being a comedy, I guess that drags me and my friend back to the dark days of sexism in comedy.

The banana milkshake was excellent and we only opened up as much popcorn snacks as we could consume.

When I was a kid I thought black comedy might be like Fresh Prince of Bel-air. It's actually like a tragedy, where we laugh at people's misfortunes and clumsiness.  The butt of the jokes here were the bad foreign accents: german and scouse.

This must have been really fun for some people to film.  I particularly enjoyed the tumbleweed, which has become an internet meme without actually existing in much of the world.

Turnout was effected by the tube strike which goes on today as well.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Are you REALLY over 21?

Anyone wishing to "opt-in" to adult sites should have to answer the following questions:
what were the green party called before:
a) People
b) Old Labour
c) The Orange party

What is Spandau Ballet?
a) Classes in classical dance
b) A popular recording artist

Friday, 20 May 2011 song

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Do you move - song dedicated to PA!

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Να προχωράς – τραγούδι αφιερωμένο στην ΠΠ! Do you move - song dedicated to PA!

Η Μάρα Ρέπα δημιούργησε ένα τραγούδι εμπνευσμένο από την Παγκόσμια Πορεία και το αφιερώνει στους φίλους της ειρήνης και της μηβίας σε όλον τον κόσμο! Mara Repa created a song inspired by the World Track and dedicated friends of peace and nonviolence throughout the world!

Να προχωράς Do you go

Στις παρυφές του λογισμού On the outskirts of the calculus
Και στις κορφές του ονείρου And the peaks of the dream
Στις διαδρομές των αστεριών, On paths of stars,
Στη ρότα του μυαλού The rota of mind

Στων φόβων σου τη μοναξιά Ston your fears loneliness
Στο δρόμο της αγάπης On the road of love
Στου φεγγαριού τη δημοσιά The moon dimosia
Και στη τροχιά του νου And track mind

Να προχωράς, να περπατάς, Do you walk, walk,
Να μη φοβάσαι, να πετάς Do not be afraid to fly
Και να πιστεύεις. And believe.

Μες στης ψυχής το ιερό Inside the holy soul
Μες στης καρδιάς το φάρο, Inside the lighthouse of the heart,
Μες στης ελπίδας την πηγή, Mes Joined hope the source,
Μες στων σκιών την πύλη Inside the gate shadows STON

Με της αλήθειας τη φωτιά, In truth the fire
Τη δύναμη του αγέρα, The power of the wind,
Με ένα χάδι στα μαλλιά With one touch hair
Και με το φως στα μάτια And with the light eyes

Να προχωράς, να περπατάς, Do you walk, walk,
Να μη φοβάσαι, να πετάς Do not be afraid to fly
Και να πιστεύεις And to think

αφήγηση narration

Στα μάγια της Ανατολής The magic of the Orient
Στην ομορφιά της Δύσης, The beauty of the West
Στην έρημο του ορίζοντα, In the desert horizon,
Στης πόλης τα φωτάκια, In the city lights,

Στα χρώματα της μουσικής The Colors of Music
Στ' άγγιγμα της βροχούλας F touch of gentle rain
Στις μυρωδιές της χαραυγής The smells of dawn
Στου έρωτα τη λαχτάρα Stu love longing

Στα δροσερά των ποταμών, In the cool of the river
Και στων βουνών τα βάθη, And STON mountain depths,
στις φυλλωσιές που τις κεντούν the foliage of the embroider
ανάσες κι ουρανός breaths and sky

Στα παιδοτιτιβίσματα In paidotitivismata
στου ηλιογυαλού την άκρη STOU iliogyalou tip
Στις βάρκες που χαράζουνε The boat makers
Μονοπατάκια φως Light paths

Ένα «μαζί», A 'together'
μια ανάσα είσαι… μια ανάσα είμαι… Being a breath ... I am a breath ...
μια σφαίρα φως, a sphere of light,
γαλαζοπράσινη, aquamarine,
διάφανο φως, clear light
ο κόσμος σου… ο κόσμος μου… your world ... my world ...
ο κόσμος που φωτίζεις people who enlightens
λάμπει Ζω Living shines

Τραγούδι: Μάρα Ρέπα Song: Mara Repa

Αφήγηση: ΑΜΧ Narrative: AMX

παραγωγή GPAL production GPAL

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lansley's health reforms are picking up where Labour left off:

I must add that one thing clearly distinguishes me from my fellow Greens like Darren and Jenny in the Assembly; I live with my parents, and my mom agrees with David Cameron that she would not oppose the privatisation of the NHS। In fact, she goes one step further than his opinion piece in the London Evening Standard saying that it's about what's best, not whether it's privatised। She would see everything privatised. Luckily it's not my mum but my dad who has helped with the printing and cutting of selection campaign literature.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The News Agenda

I watched today's news on the two main rival TV stations here. Both have the same headlines. It's amazing that UK news channels are sending the message that the editor doesn't have the power to set the news agenda different from the other channels.

Meanwhile the blogs and newsgroups send a different message. They are pluralist, democratic, but deeply divided with agendas which simply do not match up.

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