Friday 19 October 2007

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

So you're thinking of going to New York on a shopping spree? Think again. Here are a few of the nasty chemicals Steve Jobs has put in the new iPhone. Let the chemistry lesson begin.

Anything synthetic and rubbery such as PVC could contain a class of chemicals known as phthalates unless it's specifically designed to be safe. So please boys think twice before chewing those gorgeous soft earphone cables, and try not to drop it in the water supply. Phthalates disrupt the body because they have similar structures to some really key hormones. Nokia, Sony Ericson, and Motorola phones are all phthalate-free.

Brominated Flame Retardants
Organic compounds can be reacted with bromine to make every concievable toxic compound imaginable. BFRs are lame additives to prevent smokers in bed committing suicide to quickly. The fire is slowed down by the additive and not stopped. As "recyclers" know full well. In China, computer waste containing the many BFRs are burnt to recover the gold and other metals. Therefore the Bromine ends up in the atmosphere causing ozone depletion. Oooops. There have also been studies linking BFRs to indoor air pollution.

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